Wealthiest Citizens Live in Washington D.C.; 90% Vote for Democrats

In October 2012, Washington D.C. was ranked as the wealthiest city in the nation, taking various economic factors into account. Not only that, but Washington D.C. has given 84.6% – 90.9% of its vote to Democratic presidential candidates in the last 20 years. This trend makes sense, though; Democrats increase taxes, which in turn lines […]

Got Trees?

The Obama administration is now stalling the USDA’s decision to implement a 15 cent fee (read: tax) on Christmas trees, to start an advertising campaign. Liberals have been defending the tax as something the entire industry is agreeing to for the sake of launching a pro ‘natural tree’ campaign, to fight their artificial tree supplier […]

Obama Pushes Pro Veteran Hiring Incentives

President Obama is now pursuing legislation to give federal money to businesses that hire veterans. Look, I love our troops. Honestly, they do some of the best work in this world, putting their lives on the line, protecting us, the USA, the innocent, and freedom throughout the world, and for that, we can’t ever thank […]

Obama Likes Risky Mortgages

We had a housing collapse because of liberal housing rules and Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac securing bad loans? No problem! Time for more of the same, says Obama, who is acting without Congress’ aid. You see, this is all part of the liberal mindset. When the government screws up a market, it’s never the […]

State of the Union Address and YouTuber comments

So, the President is giving his 2011 ‘State of the Union Address’, which is available on a live YouTube stream. I’m not watching it, mind you. I think it’s pretty predictable what he will have to say about the state of our great union: “ya, we’re havin sum tough timez. it is cawsed by bad […]